Porta seneseAt the end of the first millenium, Etruscans arrived and occupied Capalbio territory. Afterwards Romans came, then Francs e Longobards.

During the Middle Ages the first fortified villages rose, always fighting each other. Here also the Repubblic of Siena arrived and created many activities: mines from which quarrying minerals, fishing and raising .
In 1555 Capalbio became Spanish territory where they built the fortified tower along Burano lake in order to control the coast.

ArchiSubsequently the territory was dominated by Medici family who tried to reclaim the marshland, with no particular success. Instead, when in 1737 Asburgo family, with Lorena house, arrived they completely reclaim the whole Maremma territory. In 1859 Maremma became part of the Kingdom of Italy and reclamations went on, but the real results were reached only after 1950, with the foundation of Ente Maremma that dealed the divisiton, the reclamation, the transformation of territory building new roads and houses.

Today, this historical territory is fertile, rich of culture and men serenely live together with the nature.



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